The atrocious case of Jeffrey Epstein has returned to the news. After over forty women testified that Jeffrey Epstein and his cohorts molested them as minors, he was essentially let off the hook. In 2007, the current Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, was a U.S. Attorney in Miami. During the trial, Acosta conspired with the prosecutors and Epstein’s attorneys, including Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr. Acosta sealed the deal, signing off on a non-prosecution agreement at the Federal level. Amazingly, the deal included immunity for any coconspirators who were involved in Epstein’s crimes, potentially Trump, Dershowitz, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew.

Instead of receiving a life sentence, Epstein pled guilty to the reduced charges of solicitation of prostitution and the procurement of minors for prostitution. In the end, Epstein served thirteen months in a private wing of a county jail and was released and picked up by his valet six days a week during that time.

Prosecutors sealed the case without informing the victims that they had reached an agreement that directly violates the Victims Rights Act. Recently, a Florida judge ruled that the non-prosecution deal with Epstein that was concealed from the victims was illegal. The Justice Department has opened up an investigation into Epstein’s prosecution. A federal judge has ruled in favor of two of his victims who have sued.

The Miami Herald has launched an extensive investigation of the sex trafficking ring, requesting that 167 documents be unsealed. They have identified over eighty women who claimed to be molested by Epstein. The case is being investigated by the U.S. Congress. Epstein’s butler kept a black book with the names of hundreds of girls and young women who Epstein recruited.

The methods that Jeffrey Epstein used to recruit victims is revealed in book two of the Remote Viewer series. Remote Viewer Phantom Shadow.

Will there be justice in the end?

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