The Story Behind the Story: Galaxy Shadow

I wanted to write about aliens who are technologically and spiritually advanced and who secretly live on Earth. Hollywood tends to paint pictures of grotesque, powerful, cruel creatures who need our blood or our planet to survive. However, it seems logical that if another society were advanced enough to get to Earth, they might be enlightened compared to people living in our dark age world. One would hope.

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The Story Behind the Story: Phantom Shadow

In book two, Remote Viewer Phantom Shadow, I wanted to raise awareness of the reach of human trafficking. After reading several victim’s accounts, I told stories inspired by some of these tragedies, hoping to educate people about the risks and reality of human trafficking in this country and elsewhere. Through the characters, readers witness the trauma victims go through.

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The Story Behind The Story: Shadow Rescue

I have always been interested in how the brain functions. I studied psychology and practiced various techniques such as self-hypnosis and meditation in hopes of fully using my brainpower. While experimenting with remaining consciously aware of what I saw in my mind’s eye as I was falling asleep, I stumbled on an interesting phenomenon.

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