For several years, I followed the bizarre, ugly, and unjust trial of Jeffrey Epstein. After over forty women testified that he and his cohorts molested them as minors, Epstein was essentially let off the hook. He pled guilty to the reduced charges of solicitation of prostitution and the procurement of minors for prostitution. Epstein served thirteen months in a private wing of a county jail and was released for the day six times a week during that time. The deal he got included immunity for any coconspirators who were involved in Epstein’s human trafficking ring.

Prosecutors sealed the case without informing the victims that they had reached an agreement. That directly violates the Victim’s Rights Act. Eleven years later, a Florida judge ruled that the non-prosecution deal with Epstein that was concealed from the victims was illegal. The Justice Department opened an investigation into Epstein’s prosecution, and he was later arrested.  

Most people know Epstein died in prison. One of his main accomplices, Ghislaine Maxwell, is in jail awaiting her trial set for November 2021. A documentary about Maxwell, called Epstein’s Shadow, is available on Peacock.

The actuality of human trafficking horrified me. While learning more about the vast underground network that feeds off the trade, I discovered a group called Phantom Rescue, a non-profit with a mission to end child trafficking. The team comprises former US special operatives, law enforcement, government officials, and other volunteers.

In book two, Remote Viewer Phantom Shadow, I wanted to raise awareness of the reach of human trafficking. After reading several victim’s accounts, I told stories inspired by some of these tragedies, hoping to educate people about the risks and reality of human trafficking in this country and elsewhere. Through the characters, readers witness the trauma victims go through.

There exist remote viewers and psychic detectives who have helped law enforcement locate missing people. Pam Coronado is one of them. In Remote Viewer Phantom Shadow, Jazz uses her remote viewing skill to find people who have been kidnapped and helps a team like Phantom Rescue retrieve them. In the story, the leader of a trafficking ring is based on Jeffrey Epstein, and the tactics he used to recruit victims are revealed.

To lighten a dark subject, I interject a love story between a victim and the man that saves her.  

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