Remote viewing was a term devised to explain the technique used by spies to mentally view foreign clandestine operations from a distance. Documentation about the $20,000,000 secret government remote viewing Stargate program was declassified in the 1990s. Remote Viewing had been used since WWII. Many books have been written about the subject and much debate has taken place about how successful remote viewing is to find and disclose information.

Army Colonel William Johnson managed the Stargate program from the early 1990s until the project was transferred to the CIA in 1995. The CIA hired the American Institutes for Research to evaluate the results of the program. Ray Hyman and Jessica Utts of AIR determined that the project produced a statistically significant positive effect and recommended further evaluation. Earlier studies had been carried out at Stanford University. In 1995, according to Time magazine, three remote viewers were working out of Fort Meade, Maryland.

Here is what President Jimmy Carter told GQ magazine in an interview:

“She went into a trance. And while she was in the trance, she gave us some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point, and the lost plane was there.” Former President Jimmy Carter, allegedly recalling a 1978 remote-viewing operation.

Through my research, I found Pat Price to be one of the most fascinating and talented remote viewers. He accurately described a secret Pentagon facility and a Russian installation in the Ural Mountains, among other things. There is some discussion about the circumstances around his death and whether he was assassinated.

According to an article in Looking Glass News, NSA sources confirmed that the Remote Viewing Project still exists. My novel, Remote Viewer, is about a talented remote viewer named Jazz who works for a present day remote viewing division within the National Clandestine Service.

Here is a link to a YouTube video put out by the Farsight Institute showing remote viewers in action: REMOTE VIEWERS AND PHOENIX LIGHTS

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